Why Medium Can Feel Like A Thankless Task For Full-Time Writers

Claire Stapley
3 min readMay 26, 2021

It’s time to shift your mindset

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I’ve been feeling some kind of way about Medium the last few months, and this has clearly been reflected in the content (or should I say lack of) I’ve posted since the new year.

The truth is, I became really disheartened by the platform after (apparently) an update occurred and everyone’s views and earnings fell off a cliff. Medium writers were expressing their upset via Twitter, and I, too, felt disappointed that things had changed.

I’ve been writing full-time as a Copywriter for corporate clients since November 2019, so although I write all day every day, my source of income isn't actually from Medium.

I stumbled across this platform in late 2020, and immediately fell in love with the concept and connected with so many wonderful writers. However, I soon became frustrated with every single article on my homepage telling me how I can make ££££££ or $$$$$$ if I follow these “5 simple steps”.

I continued to click on these articles because, well, I’m a sucker for a bit of extra money (who isn’t!?) and realised that a lot of these pieces were clickbait to harvest more views, thus getting more money from the Partner program.

The truth is, for real writers who make their money on Medium (who actually write articles that are worth reading) the job is a thankless task. You’re battling with clickbait and poorly written pieces to make a steady income, and it must come with its frustrations.

For me, it felt like a thankless task because I never built my foundation from Medium, so if my engagement was low, it would naturally bring me down. Which is wrong.

I spent some time reflecting over the last few weeks to remind myself why I started writing on here in the first place, and in all honesty, it was never about the money or getting a ton of engagement.

It was a place for me to write about what I want, when I wanted, without having to follow a client brief or a tone of voice document or a style guide. It was my corner of creativity that wasn’t monitored or criticised because it was unpaid.

The reason I fell in love with Medium was that it truly had no limitations, but I…



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